The Mission of the West Stockbridge Farmers Market is to provide a venue for farmers and local food producers   to sell their products directly to the consumers.  In doing so, we hope to:

  •  Build a sustainable community that will support and promote local agriculture
  •  Provide members of the community with a wide variety of the freshest, most flavorful and nutritious  produce produce available
  •  Give local consumers the opportunity to speak with the people who grow and raise their food and to      learn more about the products directly from the producers
  •  Promote the concept of farm-to-table food preparation at home and to educate the consumers with  viable methods to do so through interaction with the producers and demonstrations
  •  Offer farmers a market for their produce
  •  Increase local employment and help keep money in the community
  •  Encourage restaurants to purchase locally
  •  Create educational and training opportunities for young people in the community
  •  Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and resulting pollution from transportation
  •  Help create and improve sustainable regional economics
  •  Create a community gathering place that will foster community camaraderie and encourage local business.